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EnergyBulbs – Energy Saving Light Bulbs

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EnergyBulbs – Energy Saving Light Bulbs

In the age of Smart Meters & comparison sites, shoppers are taking extra steps to ensure they are as clued up as possible when it comes to saving money. As part of this trend, Energy Saving Light Bulbs & LED Bulbs have become the norm in households looking to save money. The potential savings from switching to LED Bulbs is too good for many households to pass up on.

How Much Money Could I Save by Switching to Energy Saving Light Bulbs?
Depending on the amount of light bulbs in your home, the amount of time they are used per day, the energy tariff you are on & the wattage of your current bulbs; It’s not easy to calculate how much money you stand to save. Thanks to our online energy saving calculator, we take out the guess work and give you the information you need! On average, 2 bedroom homes in the UK can save £100 per year on lighting alone, just by switching to Energy Saving LED Bulbs! That’s just per year too. LED Bulbs have a greatly extended life span compared to halogen bulbs and are often expected to have a 5 year lifespan. The savings speak for themselves.

Are Energy Saving & LED Bulbs easy to install?
We offer a wide range of Energy Saving Light Bulbs with a huge variety of bases & connectors so you’ll be sure to find the right Energy Saving LED Bulb for your home. Installation of energy saving bulbs are as easy as normal incandescent bulbs, simply screw in and enjoy.

Which Energy Saving Bulbs Are Right For Me?
There are many designs & colours available at EnergyBulbs from golf ball leds, candle bulbs, spotlights & striplights. Our range is extremely varied, allowing you to find the perfect design for your home. Some of our most popular Bulbs are the Philips GU10 LEDs. These bulbs are perfect for kitchens or bathrooms thanks to their design & wide range of colours including warm white, cool white, daylight & more. If you're not sure which bulb colour temperature is right for your home, check out our Light Bulb Colour Temperature Guide for all the information you'll need. Another popular selection would be the range of Megaman light bulbs. This wide range includes many designs such as LED Candles, GU10s, Striplights, MR16s & much more. This range of products is one of the industry leading lines available at and is constantly being updated so be sure to check back often for new Megaman Arrivals.

Commercial Lighting Solutions
Aside from our domestic bulbs offerings, we also offer a wide range of light bulbs & lighting products for our commercial customers. As a business, effective lighting solutions are essential for a wide range of industries. Our commercial lighting products help brighten up your business! Give our team a call today for more information on how our commercial lighting solutions can benefit your company.

Shop the range online now at
Shop the range online now. For more information on our vast product range or for assistance on which energy saving bulb would be right for you, give our team of experts a call and we’ll be happy to assist in finding the right lighting solution for you!

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