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evengreener.com – Specialists Compost Bins and Garden Products

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evengreener.com – Specialists Compost Bins and Garden Products

evengreener.com is brought to you by Straight Manufacturing Ltd, the UK's leading supplier of recycling containers and water conservation products.

Straight Manufacturing Ltd has had more than 20 years of supplying products to UK households via our partnerships with local authorities and water companies, so chances are you already have one of our wheeled bins, kerbside recycling boxes, food waste bins, composters or water butts in your home already.

Our best-selling brands, Blackwall, Rainsaver, Cloudburst and Harcostar are manufactured in our own factory in Yorkshire from recycled plastic. Straight Manufacturing Ltd is committed to providing high-quality products at competitive prices delivered directly from the factory to your door, enabling you to SAVE WASTE AND SAVE MONEY!


Composting with evengreener.com

By purchasing a compost bin and composting your garden and kitchen waste, you can feed your garden for free with a fantastic, nutrient-rich compost. At evengreener we have a full range of composters including our famous Blackwall Compost Converter, large wooden compost bins, tumblers and a selection of food waste solutions.

Not only will you be helping your garden, but you will also be helping to reduce the amount of waste that gets sent to landfill.

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