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Grow Veg Magazine

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a regular gardener, Grow Veg magazine offers a unique perspective on growing your own vegetables. As well as being grounding and practical, bringing the most nourishing, fresh food to your table, it’s also an inspirational activity, full of hope and promise, and a constant reminder of the wonder of nature.

By practising mindful gardening, we can slow down and bring even more benefit to ourselves by focusing just on the task at hand. The process of weeding, planting seeds, discovering new shoots and the resulting nourishment these activities provide can reflect our internal processes. The more we give our kind attention to planting and growing, the more fulfilling growing your own vegetables becomes.

Whether you have your own allotment, garden, patio or even just a pot that you keep on a windowsill, it’s possible to have your own little supply of homegrown vegetables on tap! Engage with and become part of our community.


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