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Switchd (Utility Switching Service)

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Switchd (Utility Switching Service)

Switchd is an energy switching service that not only switches to the whole market but manages switches for you. With one quick sign up, Switchd will switch you every 6-9 months to ensure you are always on the best energy deal. By signing up to Switchd all the hassle of checking your energy deal disappears, with a UK based team on hand to monitor the switch and ensure everything goes ahead smoothly. We charge a very small fee for the service, but the average saving is over £100 more than you find on comparison sites, plus you have the peace of mind that you can pick up the phone to us when needed.

Why join Switchd?

There are some people in the UK who religiously visit price comparison sites to check they are on the best energy deal then switch when the time is right. But that is the vast minority. For most of us, switching is a hassle, it’s time consuming and we never get round to it. However, in doing so customers across the UK are losing £100s and £100s of pounds each year. If this sounds like you, Switchd is the answer. Signing up to Switchd means you’ll be on the best energy deal without having to visit a price comparison site again. We initiate and monitor all switches, have a friendly UK team to help, and switch to the whole market.

What do I have to do? What about direct debits?

We manage the entire switching process for you. Direct debits are transferred between suppliers automatically, online account are set up, meter numbers are checked. The only thing that is helpful is giving meter readings to give us the best understanding of your usage, but even that is not essential.

What does the whole of the market mean?

Price comparison sites do not switch you to the whole market, they switch you to deals where they get paid commission. But this means you as the customer lose out on over £100 a year. At Switchd we switch to the whole market for you, taking a small fee that is vastly outweighed by the increased saving.

Do I still have control?

With each switch you always have 14 days to cancel. Importantly we’ve also build a range of features to give you full control. Perhaps you always want to be on a green tariff, never want to pay an exit fee, only want to switch when the saving is over £100, want to exclude certain suppliers you’ve had a bad experience with before. With Switchd you can sign in to your dashboard at any time and adjust your settings to get the right switch for you.

Sounds good, how do I sign up?

All you need is the tariff you are currently on and an idea of your usage (this can come from your bill, how much you spend each month or the number of bedrooms in your house). Coupled with some of your personal information we can get going on saving you money hassle-free. The whole sign up process takes around 5 minutes.

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