Written by Paul N. Hasluck this book was published in 1907. The book has been re-published from the original and contains the whole script, diagrams and formulas. The book has been reformatted and is not just a scanned copy of the original.

The formal title is Pumps and Hydraulic Rams with numerous engravings and diagrams.

There is information on all types of pumps including centrifugal, suction, force, syphons, plunger and wooden. Of particular interest to many is the chapter about Hydraulic Rams that starts…… ‘Hydraulic rams are water-raising appliances in a class by themselves. The shock that is commonly noticed on quickly closing a fullway cock and suddenly stopping the flow of water in long lengths of pipe is the power employed in the hydraulic ram. The hydraulic ram was invented in 1772 by Whitehurst, and about the same time it was accidentally discovered by a Bristol plumber, who was engaged in a hospital in that city fixing long lengths of lead piping, which had a considerable head of water on them.’